TechUPGRADE: Elevate Industrial Efficiency with Advanced Thermochemical Technology for Waste Heat Recovery

Harness the power of advanced thermochemical technology. Transform waste heat. Drive sustainable innovation.

TechUPGRADE is an ambitious initiative aimed at creating a groundbreaking advanced thermochemical technology for waste heat recovery. Our solution efficiently recovers waste heat from industrial processes and upgrades it to temperatures ranging from 150-250°C.

Unlike traditional methods, our Hydration Heat Transformer:

Our consortium brings together 14 esteemed partners from across the EU, ensuring a holistic approach to innovation in advanced thermochemical technology for waste heat recovery.


Embarking on a journey to redefine energy efficiency, we've set clear milestones to guide our path.
01 /
Develop optimal reactive materials for long-term cyclic operations within the 150-250°C range.
02 /
Design heat upgrade reactors for consistent cyclic dehydration/hydration operations.
03 /
Establish a proof-of-concept scale for reactive material structures, aiming for a temperature lift of >100°C.
04 /
Define process designs for seamless integration with industrial waste heat flows.
05 /
Valorize low-exergy heat flows, offering process heat at 150-250°C in an eco-friendly manner.