Dive into our project's core activities and discover how we're shaping a sustainable tomorrow through Innovative heat upgrade solutions for industrial processes.

Project Management & Coordination

Guiding our journey, we ensure timely completion of project milestones. We keep an eye on budgetary constraints and align with both our partners and the European Commission, all while focusing on delivering Innovative heat upgrade solutions for industrial processes.

Reactor Design & Lab-Scale Development

Our mission is to innovate. We're developing cutting-edge reactor designs and conducting lab-scale tests. Our focus? Harnessing low- temperature waste heat from industrial processes and solar collectors, leading the way for sustainable energy solutions.

Material Selection & Characterization

Material matters. We're on a quest to find the best materials for our thermochemical heat storage concept. With a keen eye on temperature ranges and system integration, we're setting the foundation for innovative heat upgrade solutions for industrial processes.

System-Level Integration & Dynamic Optimization

Integration is key. We're conducting in-depth thermodynamic analyses, refining component designs, and benchmarking our solutions against existing technologies. Our goal? A robust, efficient system that stands out in performance and sustainability.

Control & Digitalization

Automation at its best. We're developing a state-of-the-art control system, minimizing human interference and optimizing operations. With a digital twin in place, we can predict system behaviour, ensuring smooth operations and timely maintenance.

Pilot-Scale Demonstrations at Two Sites

From lab to real-world. We're bringing our innovations to life with two thermochemical systems for heat upgrade. One in a 5 kW lab-scale and another in a 35 kW pilot-scale, harnessing solar thermal energy and showcasing its potential for innovative heat upgrade solutions for industrial processes.

Environmental & Business Analyses

Balancing performance and sustainability. We're conducting a thorough environmental impact analysis, gauging our technology's ecological footprint. Alongside, we're evaluating its economic potential, ensuring it aligns with societal needs and offers a competitive edge in the market.

Communication & Action Plan

Spreading the word. Our communication strategy is designed to share our achievements far and wide. From workshops to conferences, we're ensuring that stakeholders, both current and potential, are well-informed about our project's impacts and results. Our vision? A lasting legacy that continues to contribute long after the project's completion through innovative heat upgrade solutions for industrial processes.